Tease me with a soul to keep.
Break my back for times you weep.

Never let mine be of weight.

But promise me my heart won’t break.


Test me with all the promises you keep,

All the challenges you meet,

All the words you repeat.


Tell me via social feed how perfectly I keep,

My good intentions you perceived and that you never let me weep.

Seal kisses into gigabytes

And delete proof of all the fights.

Forever try and settle the score

Of something that will be no more.


She Sees Beauty

She is the thrift store painting of the flowers in a cup. You’ve seen her pull them on your walks. Her eyes light up and she reaches for the mundane but picks peculiar. She sees heaven in her flower and hands it to you. And now that she has seen your soul, she paints it brighter than you’ve ever known.