Hungry Heart of a Wolf

Charged with murder of my own heart,

Howling for a moment more

Before I eat it and forever starve. 


Wild with Her Teeth

She was wild with her hair. Tangled, dry, and framed to perfection as the wind blew, rounding her wild face perfectly.

She was wild in her eyes. Narrowed to attack, wide when surprised. Emotions so deep yet sat on her pride.

She was wild with her teeth. The kind you watch eat because they are so fascinating. Chicken chewed down to the bone and a snap, suck, slurp, of the marrow.

Do You Want To Go On An Adventure?

“Do you want to go on an adventure?” 

This was the first message she had sent to him since exchanging numbers a week before. There wasn’t much to do in this small town, but drinking at the local watering hole was not going to be one of them. Not tonight. There was something different about this one. An outsider in every way. A man who walked into the room and everyone stared. A majestic man of six-foot-never-ending. A magnetic energy that she was drawn to in an unstoppable force.

She continued, “There’s a place, just beyond the freeway off Washington St. Once you pass the last signal light, keep driving. Follow the signs to the dirt parking lot and I’ll be waiting.” 

Under a frolicsome full moon she awaited her safe stranger and once he arrived, hours went by before she remembered time existed. They swapped stories and interests, heartbreaks and failures. 

Bewitched to balance a biography between an identity and an ego, their eyes glistened over and they kissed. At least once. Untimely and right. Instincts hunted a wild within them and won. Rightly so in the midst of a midnight desert. 

Enslaved in a summer’s end, the night shook sweat from the heat of the car. Daybreak cracked through the palms and an oasis of love could be seen by the land. “Love looms on our horizon. Look what we’ve created,” croaked the mountains.

As if he had heard the mountain, he awoke, took her hand and walked to the highest point of the land. She followed; watched as he said not one word, but poured unspoken admiration into the sunrise. 

Hooked on the fire red beams, he smiled, took a deep breath and a long sigh.

And she fell in love.

“Do you want to go on an adventure?” She said again with an illimitable grin.

Soul Searching

Our souls can’t bear to be apart. 

Mine kicks to be released from this confinement through the palm of my hand


She needs to find yours.

My soul screams your name, 

Receives phantom squeezes in bed,

walks to the tip of my tongue to drop off your name with three soft kisses. 




Until you return.

The Game, Undressed

Ripped from the waist, tossed in a corner.

clothes are useless in this game.

And we play.

It is a feast of flesh and she is famished.

She roars and rolls around the covers and in between their legs.

It is a play and we are star performers at what we do best 

We love and we feel and we breathe as one tonight.

but this full feeling will not last long

We will crave more.

We will crave less.

This game, undressed.