Tumble in the warm grass of your embrace

Rub the sunshine on my face,

hear my bellowing call for grace

and forgiveness to you.

Below all the rumbling of my skin

i still feel the warmth within –

Don’t leave me in his shoes.


The Game, Undressed

Ripped from the waist, tossed in a corner.

clothes are useless in this game.

And we play.

It is a feast of flesh and she is famished.

She roars and rolls around the covers and in between their legs.

It is a play and we are star performers at what we do best 

We love and we feel and we breathe as one tonight.

but this full feeling will not last long

We will crave more.

We will crave less.

This game, undressed.

Found Vows

Found and forgiven, our love was never over and it never shall be. I vow to keep you company in distant thoughts and darkest nights. In all that is restored, renewed, and what remains, my love will stay true. Even when I don’t want it to. I have become an Alpha and your pulse syncs to mine. We are intertwined. More than what we can control, we circle in a force too strong to deny. Eternity begotten. Eternally one. 

We Were Friends

We were friends before he used my words to charm me. He uttered sweet syllables through the distance. A flirtatious, friendly-fire that left me speechless.

We were friends.

We were friends before he heard my voice; before he registered the peaks and valleys of my tone. He held my heart before he owned it, wrapped it firm into his chest and protected it as if it were his own.

Before he would know the smooth curves of my back. Before he breathed me in and knew the zest of my sweat and the breath of my hair. Before he lifted me to know the weight of my chest.

As he charms me with my words, my smile knows no return. His voice produces a pulse for my existence. I hum to his haiku and surrender my friendship to his frontdoor. We swept the semantics of romance under the rug of suggested realities. Slowly he begins to know my taste, recognize my voice and remember my scent. Through the distance, he reaches for my hand as I’m falling for his heart.
We were friends.