Monsoon Season

She moves for the closest cup, fill her glass and raises it to the light. Dusty clouds of alkaline. Bubbles settle like fresh snow on cement. Swirl the glass; physics follows water into whirlpools and she watches water dance in her handmade cocoon. Death be to bubbles, birth be to monoons. She controls the earth, the time, and the rules.


Days like These

Days like these

We worship.

We worship it,

Not for its perfection,

But for all the moments we wish we could have taken back.

For all the words we should have inhaled instead of spewed.

Days like these

We sit on our thrones alone

Because power comes at a mighty lonely price.

We practice our goodness but never quite get to genuine.

It’s days like these that remind us where we are.

Who has come before us

And how we will pave the way for the others.

Days that are long,

And slow.

But worth every hustling minute.

We will remember the glory of these days

Not for its perfection

But for its purity.

Mornings with You

Collect my love puddles and recycle them back to me

Puddles from the sweat behind my knees, praying you and I will be.

Clutch the emerald rosary

between our fangs.

Pain lingers 

And that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Sink them deep, my crimson cabernet is yours to keep

Slackline on the silverlining to the highest star

Bring me back to my body

Only you,

The keeper of my puddles, my crimson, my heart.

-Words by Jasmine Duran and Luiz Castro


Roots thick as blood

Tied to the vows of the womb we shared

A woman’s bond coiled in cold intentions.

Suffocate a moon-time flow of a new direction.

Heartbeat in the background Tells us of the time we do not have.

Regressed by a memory. 

Drowned by a dream.

Is my psyche playing tricks on me? 

Blood and memory  – 

The foundation of the altercation.

You. My legacy’s contention. 


Dexterous, dirty hands of color and class: lead me in dangerous directions.

Thin eyes: widen by me and the inhalation of side-street dreams. 

Thick body: release the masochist of memories that once chiseled your frame and allow me to pulsate new perspectives. 

Pieces of you enter through pieces of me and slip on a new dream.