The Key

I heard your key press into the lock. It seemed a lifetime as the metal scaled and scraped the walls of the labyrinth for the end. A twist in the right direction and the cold clunk of the bolt as it breathed its release. Chills creep up my skin as you maneuver and manipulate our rugged old handle; too kinked from the cold this time of year. Chills. Wind sweeps in through the break of two worlds. My stare seems to lift you as my eyes drift from your soles to your soul. You smell the stiffness in the air and run to hold me. Do not leave, your body aches as it squeezes mine. Do not run away. But I stare at the key, stuck, but still swinging on the open door.


Come home

The air is gone,

My lungs don’t breathe

My heart won’t beat.

My legs tremble.


My lips quiver

My eyes tear

You’re not near.


My feet retrace their steps 

My mind repeats it’s wrong

I’m unable to make clear,

how I lost you here.

The brakes screech

The door slams

You grab my wrist and hold my hand

The kiss is strong

I clinch my eyes


the most powerful surprise.

You come home.