Pin the warmth between the sheets

Missing him will all it’ll ever be

Daylight shadows cover me in all the forms of fleeting time

from hours I can’t leave my mind

In bed and shook and slaughting rhyme

Of what I could have done to keep him mine.


Monsoon Season

She moves for the closest cup, fill her glass and raises it to the light. Dusty clouds of alkaline. Bubbles settle like fresh snow on cement. Swirl the glass; physics follows water into whirlpools and she watches water dance in her handmade cocoon. Death be to bubbles, birth be to monoons. She controls the earth, the time, and the rules.


I walk the tightrope to you heart. On the string of screaming stares we give each other through the night. Winced between dancers and movement of the bodies between us. We never touch; only sift the energy through our palettes of passing people until our bodies reach for an arm. Stable enough to rest our breath until it shakes from the weight. And the tightrope extends from my eyes as I walk backwards through the night.