Cold Winter Wind

Cold winter wind,

Remind me of my fingertips.

To pay attention to every detail of my body, my soul, and their intuitions. Remind me to touch with grace, lift with love and know when to stop beating a broken drum.

Cold winter wind, 

Be the ripples on the sand and make the unknown appear so fast. Blow a leaf in my hair and let it whisper in my ear. Tell me good tidings of Spring and wild Winter things.

Cold winter wind,

Shake and ache my bones until I know that no one ever grows alone. Teeth chattering, ears numb, my breath reminding me of my lungs. Deep warmth from within while I carry a silver sin.

Seal me in, cold winter wind.

Hybernate my body to cleanse it from a heavy, dirty toll and transform it into a newly formed version of your solid, sturdy soul.


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