Tease me with a soul to keep.
Break my back for times you weep.

Never let mine be of weight.

But promise me my heart won’t break.


Test me with all the promises you keep,

All the challenges you meet,

All the words you repeat.


Tell me via social feed how perfectly I keep,

My good intentions you perceived and that you never let me weep.

Seal kisses into gigabytes

And delete proof of all the fights.

Forever try and settle the score

Of something that will be no more.


Wash me with your words

Drench me in the cold of your honesty,

And let the downpour sting upon my face.

Let those words rinse my hair of all the secrets

Shake the kisses, wishes, and culture of the deepest 

Let thy words be my baptism,

Soap me down and bubble me up

Help me rebirth into this new skin.


Pour down my chin,

slip onto my neck



nearing my coupling breasts

Sink into my bossom, the breath of your beck. 

Posses my skin.


Bumps, hairs rise fast

Fall faster.

Quick breath.



Thighs tighten in this new skin 

covered in your words of ignorant, offendible breath. 

Sail with Me

Read to me, so that I may hear your voice, strong and smooth as the sea. Bring me coffee and blow one kiss before you leave. Play with my curls until the moon rises and the stars decease. Grab my thigh for firm attention. Kiss my lips with little mention. Bake for me the fondest cakes and break the bread before dinner steaks. 

Become my longitude of lust. Guide the way with ardor and trust. Stear me clear of tides of trouble, but ride the wave if they do follow. Deepen your anchor when the destination is true and your heart matches what your mind wants to do.