He taught her pleasure

He loved her so easily he wiped away her hurt with the back of his index finger as it slid down her cheek. He kissed the doubt down her neck. Pulled in her pride when she took a step back. Draped her in compliments when she covered her thighs. Taught her to push. Taught her to pull. He poisoned her with passion she had never felt before. Pure, raw, passion that slid down her thighs in wet waves equal to heartbeats. She lifted herself into happiness, but he showed her the need for more.



Yesterday I remodeled the closet in my chest. I cleared out the pictures, the memories and the kisses. I washed the letters in the kitchen sink and bleached the sheets of all the sweat. His impression on the couch was too deep so I moved it out so I could sweep. I scrubbed the floors of all his prints and wiped away where ever we pressed our body together, all twisted in one. My place is now empty of all that he’s done.



Where have I left you? How do you live like that? Shadowed by his past and crossing your fingers for a future. Who let you grow up? Which God allowed you to sprout this skin similar to your mother’s. And why are you giving it away? Turning your back on your blood with foul words and wrong reasons. What has caused your outburst? Your need to prove us all wrong, is being done in the wrong way —


Do you know where your seeds were sown? You were intended to be a wildflower, but you act like a rose. Too many thorns to be approached, too many petals to pluck just to guess if I love you.


I place the seashell up against my ear to hear your voice again each night. It is only filled with the good words I remember. It tells me what I want to hear: Magic.

I look in the mirror and repeat my values so that I may forgive myself. Even my words quiver, “Why aren’t you happy with your choices! This is what you believe!” She says, you are the strongest of them all. Sorcery.

I whisper to the wind in hopes that you will hear my cry, but only the wolves cry with me. Tears join the river. The river meets the ocean you touch, and for a moment you remember me in colors.

I remember our fairytale, but the story I have created is missing you. I am strong, I am intuitive, and I am imaginative, but nothing compares to my magic when I am with you. True Love’s kiss.