We systematically sway to the unannounced turns of the mountain road.

The moon is full and crisp tonight. Like a first communion offering from the Gods.

I indulge. Whisper to the window my sins and my breath allows me to see my soul. My purpose was reawakened. Tomorrow I leave this world.

I watch the fog slowly disappear as fast as this adventure has lasted. Grounded. Forever wandering this earth with someone else’s purpose.

I release heavy tears unable to forgive myself of letting go. Why leave?

Even in this bus full of strangers. I’m comfortable. Happy now.

Like a book that I’ve finished, I crave the next line of the series. Hopeful that my palms will sweat with anticipation. Nerves flowing with the adrenaline of a full heart. Feet weightless like that of a cliff jumper teetering on the edge. I pulse with the page in my hand, ruthless for truth.

My adventure has changed route. A new ticket in my hand with the name of a soul unfamiliar. Breathe easy says the reflection in the bus window. Teach this soul to be loved wherever it may be seen next.

Be comforted between the full moons and the days that have passed. Growing this soul into your skin has been the biggest challenge.

Lock your hands in praise. Lift your heart and be grateful. Open your mouth and accept the offering. The full moon’s gift of rebirth.



I laugh into your braided smile. Beaded, illuminated eyes tell me I’m not the only light you see. One loose ponytail and small curls slightly bounce below your headband. Your beard shimmers of gold silk, freshly bleached by the sun. A traveller of many lands and legs. You feel for mine like it’s home. You welcome me into yours.

Your breath is of tobacco and mixed rum. Dangerous and delicious.

Your skin is soluble and salty. I want it all.

My flesh is thick and ripe. You want it all.

One dewy night filled with howls and the hum of a fan. Blankets burned in the morning. How easy it is to be a traveller.


She gasps for air between the words of her prayer. There is water where her tongue should be and everyone gets a cup full of words. She wraps a blanket around me in sweet forgiveness and says she would like to be like me someday. Someday. When she’s not guarded by rules and bedtimes. When life stops serving her lunch and naps. When walking the dog isn’t her only chore. When love and her smile opens doors. The only place for her right now is this: A prayer on the bedroom floor. A knot of fingers we have sealed tight. I have taught her she can be forgiven. I have practiced vulnerabilities in front of her. I have shown her grace is for everyone, kindness is the crack of a smile, and the offering of the little you have.

Her head under my arms tonight is so warm. I never knew a feeling so strong. I wrapped her in and forgave every mal behavior of the past three months. She slowly whimpered about my leaving and how life was so unfair.Oh, but it is. I wanted to squeeze her and warn her that the world is going to often be cruel, but it’s beautiful. It’s so beautiful. I want to tell her that her art will change lives and her intuition and wit will take her far. Her vulnerabilities, although they might become frustrating, make her so unique.I want to tell her she should fight for love because she deserves it. Because it’s what she knows how to give so naturally. For now, I hold her close. Knowing that ignorance is bliss and her 7 years of life are just the beginning of our friendship.